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September 2015


July 2015

- 06/26/2015: Marc BOURLIERE

Hépatite C: Guérison? Résistance? Eradication...


June 2015

- 06/26/2015: Bruno VENTELOU

L'expérience française de délivrance d'antibiotiques à l'unité dans les pharmacies d'officine


- 06/19/2015: Claude ESCARGUEL

"Sucess stories" et échecs dans la création de start-ups


May 2015

- 05/22/2015: John KRIESEL

Human Endogenous Retrovirus RNA in the Brains of Subjects with Multiple Sclerosis


March 2015

- 03/20/2015: Fabrice SIMON

Chikungunya: Une émergence & des défis


- 03/13/2015: Oleg MEDIANNIKOV

Emergent infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa


February 2015

- 02/27/2015: Christel PROTIERE

When quali and quanti are mixed: the Q-methodology as an alternative to elicit preferences


- 02/20/2015: Adolfo GARCIA-SASTRE

Influenza epidemics pandemics


- 02/16/2015: Patrick FORTERRE

Vésicules extracellulaires membranaires et vésicles virales. Des agents cellulaires universels dont les rôles multiples commencent à être appréciés.


- 02/13/2015: Mart KRUPOVIC

An intricate evolutionary dance of viruses, plasmids and transposons


January 2015

- 01/30/2015: Albert LEGRAND FOSSO

Politiques de lutte contre le paludisme à l'ère de la santé comme public mondial: une ethnographie de la prise des décisions au Cameroun


- 01/16/2015: Didier RAOULT

Don't believe the dogmas


- 01/09/2015: Robert G. WEBSTER

The continuing challenges of emerging influenza viruses with pandemic potential


December 2014

- 12/12/2014: Nicolas RASCOVAN

A journey to the microbiomes at the end of the world


- 12/05/2014: Jean-Baptiste MEYNARD

Maladie à virus Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest Réponse du Service de santé des armées


November 2014

- 11/28/2014: Jeremy WARD

Vaccine-criticism on the internet: new insights based on French-speaking websites


- 11/07/2014: Pierre-Edouard FOURNIER

Applications of bacterial genomics to clinical microbiology


October 2014

- 10/17/2014: Jean-Paul MOATTI

Universal health coverage as a post-2015 development goal: Some Lessons from France


- 10/10/2014: Hervé SELIGMANN

Many genes hidden within genes: alternative decodings of genetic sequences explain 'trash' sequences


September 2014

- 09/26/2014: Gunnar KAHLMETER

EUCAST and susceptibility testing - towards global harmonisation and standardisation


- 09/12/2014: Jean-philippe LAVIGNE

Plaies du pied chez le diabétique: Colonisation ou Infection?


- 09/05/2014: Kosta Y.MUMCUOGLU

Human lice: In archaeology, history and art


June 2014

- 06/27/2014: Patrick PERETTI-WATEL

Un nouvel élan du sentiment anti-vaccinal en France?


- 06/13/2014: Florence FENOLLAR

Tropheryma whipplei and Whipple's disease


- 06/06/2014: Win HOL

Structural biology in drug design against tropical infectoius diseases


May 2014

- 05/16/2014: Eric MARTENS

Microbial complex carbohydrate metabolism in colonic health and disease


April 2014

- 04/25/2014: Sylvie BOYER

Evaluations économique des stratégies de traitement du VIH dans les pays à ressources limitées


- 04/18/2014: Jean-Marie PAGES

Regulation of membrane permeability, a Gram-negative bacterial strategy


- 04/11/2014: Pierre PONTAROTTI

Convergent and parallel evolution studies


March 2014

- 03/21/2014: Brendan WREN

Deciphering the bacterial glycocode and the development of new glycocojugate vaccines



- 02/14/2014: Xavier DEPARIS

Système d'information épidémiologique. De l'alarme aux stratégies de santé.


- 02/07/2014: Jean Michel PAWLOTSKY

HBV Cure: Fantasy or Reality?


January 2014

- 01/24/2014: Bernard HENRISSAT

Carbohydrate-active enzymes in the (meta)genomic era


- 01/17/2014: Philippe PAROLA

 Research in Medical Entomology at URMITE


- 01/10/2014: Didier RAOULT

Rebirth of culture in microbiology


December 2013

- 12/20/2013: Leonardo BASCO

Chimiorésistance du paludisme en Afrique centrale


- 12/13/2013: Bernard DAVOUST

A la recherche d'animaux réservoirs et sentinelles d'infections zoonotiques


November 2013

- 11/22/2013: CORNAGLIA



- 11/08/2013: Jonathan EISEN

Phylogeny-Driven Approaches to the Study of Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics


October 2013

- 10/25/2013: Jeannie SHOVELLER

Implementation and ethical dimensions of HIV testing: Insights from natural experiments with TasP


- 10/11/2013: Stephen LORY

Understanding Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence in the post-genomic era


September 2013

- 09/20/2013: Bruno SPIRE

Stopping the HIV epidemic : which public health challenges?


- 09/13/2013: Julian VENABLES

Why is gene expression fine-tuned by alternative splicing?


July 2013

- 07/12/2013: Ogobara K. DOUMBO

Paradigms changes in malaria: the epidemiology, clinical patterns, control/elimination and new research questions in Africa


June 2013

- 06/28/2013: Robert READ

Neisseria meningitidis, Neisseria lactamica and lessons from studies of human nasopharyngeal colonisation


- 06/21/2013: Paul MILLIGAN

From research to policy: Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC)


- 06/14/2013: Dan TAWFIK

How do proteins evolve?


May 2013

- 05/31/2013: Jean-Marc ROLAIN

Antibiotic resistance in the genomic era


- 05/17/2013: Patrick FORTERRE

Le rôle des virus et des plasmides dans l'origine de l'ADN et des génomes modernes


- 05/03/2013: Eric CHABRIERES

Biotechnologie et cristallographie


April 2013

- 04/19/2013: Claire-Lise FORESTIER

From single host cell to liver organ: Imaging Leishmania donovani infection opens up new perspectives on hepato- physiopathology


- 04/05/2013: Tam MIGNOT



March 2013

- 03/15/2013: Verena MOSS

The Berlin experience - Immune Pathogenesis of Whipple's Disease


- 03/08/2013: Didier RAOULT

Microbe Fishers


February 2013

- 02/22/2013: Keith KLUGMAN

Synergistic Roles of the Pneumococcus and Influenza in Disease Severity and Transmission


- 02/15/2013: Hervé SELIGMANN

Cryptic genes and genetic codes in mitochondria : some of DNA'S unexplored coding dimensions


- 02/08/2013: Valérie DELAUNAY

Les Systèmes de Suivi Démographiques : Plate-formes pour une recherche pluridisciplinaire et appliquée au développement


January 2013

- 01/25/2013: Raymond RUIMY

Diversity and dynamic of Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage


- 01/18/2013: Julian PARKHILL

Tracking transmission and evolution of bacterial pathogens with high-throughput sequencing



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