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Incentive policy

In the framework of an incentive policy, the IHU personnel will be rewarded with internal scientific awards for an annual amount of 100 000 € broken down as follow:

  • one award for the most productive author: 5,000 €
  • one award for the best "SIGAPS" score: 5,000 €
  • 3 awards for the best thesis: 3,000 €
  • one award for the best published review: 2,000 €
  • One to three awards for the best senior papers 5,000 € for the first senior authors of the three best publications of the IHU according to criteria fixed by the Scientific Director.
  • Similarly, two to six awards of 3 to 5,000 € will be awarded to the first authors of the best publications juniors.
  • and four awards for the staff (2,000€):  for nurses and care staff, for the administrative staff, for the technical staff for diagnostic and for the technical staff for research

In addition, the IHU will continue to reward its best grant holders at the Annual conference, organised by the former Infectiopôle Sud Foundation, with one gold medal (1,000 €) , two silver medals (500 €), three bronze medals and one award for the best poster (300 €).

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