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International conference "Urban Dynamics & health issues"

Colloque International 2013 Dynamiques urbaines et enjeux sanitaires

More than half of the world population now lives in urban areas. This increasing urbanization raises new health issues, regarding health determinants, inequities in health, and the roles of social, economic, urban planning and health care policies within and between cities.

This conference aims to question and compare the relationships between urban dynamics and health from a range of experiences (France and Europe; North and South; developed, emerging and less developed countries).

The purpose is:
● To build bridges across scientific disciplines, from health sciences, social sciences and engineering.
● To engage a collaborative process gathering multiple stakeholders including policy-makers, local authorities, civil society, and the community of scientists.
● To promote health policies based on relevant scientific research.


The registration are open! Thank you for connecting you on the website of the Conference for practical informations:


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