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GBM: Giant Blood Marseillevirus

Giant Blood Marseillevirus

Discovery of a new giant virus at Marseille.

In a recent article accepted for publication in The Journal of Infectious Diseases we presented the discovery of a new giant virus named Giant Blood Marseillevirus (GBM). GBM was identified during a study of the human blood viral flora and was isolated from the blood of healthy French blood donors at Marseille. 


Figure legend

(A) Confocal microscopy images of Jurkat T-cells fourteen days post-inoculation with negative control serum (#20363) or with #27725 serum. Viral detection was performed using DIG-labeled DNA probe hybridization to the orf 152 - orf 153 genomic region. Cell nuclei were stained with H33342 dye (middle panel). Merged channels are presented on the right. Scale bar = 10 µm (B) Electron microscopy images of Jurkat cell supernatant at J14 post-inoculation spun at 22,000 rpm (upper panel). Viral particle detection in Jurkat embedded cells; C (cytosol); M (cellular membrane). Scale bar = 100 nm.

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