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Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Platform




The chromatography and mass spectrometry technical platform is attached to the « Proteomics and functional analysis of proteins » team localized at the University of Medicine (URMITE - UMR CNRS 6236 IRD 198 Inserm 1095). The APHM engineers work, under the supervision of Pr Chabrière, with the Timone Hospital Clinical Microbiology Federation and the IHU research teams.


The platform team assists both hospital biologists and URMITE researchers and develops expertise following two missions:

- Clinical diagnosis: identification of bacteria and organisms (Biotyping by MALDI-TOF-MS) and antibiotics quantification (UHPLC-UV).

- Method Development:

=> Biotyping: identification of organisms and biological markers using MALDI-TOF-MS,

=> Proteomics: identification of proteins in complex mixtures, relative proteomics (label free protein expression comparison), de novo peptide sequencing

=> Chromatography: identification and quantification of small molecules using liquid (antibiotics, NRP, insecticides) and gaz chromatography (permanent gases, fatty acids, amino acids, pesticides…)


Intranet website: access (only available in the laboratory)





- 6 MALDI-TOF-MS Microflex LT (Bruker 2010-2012)


- FreedomEVO 100 robot (Tecan 2013)

- nanoAcquity 2D-LC (Waters 2013)

- Synapt G2Si hybrid spectrometer (Waters 2013)


- UHPLC-UV/FLUO H-Class (Waters 2012)

- Headspace-GC/MS (Perkin Elmer 2013)

- GC-TCD (Perkin Elmer 2016)


Team supervisor:


- Pr Eric CHABRIERE (eric.chabriere@univ-amu.fr)


AP-HM engineers:


- Biotyper research and routine assays (MALDI-TOF-MS): Christophe FLAUDROPS (christophe.flaudrops@univ-amu.fr)

- Small chemicals and Proteins (GC/MS, LC/MS and UHPLC): Nicholas ARMSTRONG (nicholas.armstrong@univ-amu.fr)

- Proteomics (MALDI-TOF-MS and LC/MS): Philippe DECLOQUEMENT (philippe.decloquement@univ-amu.fr)

- Biotyper routine assays : Carine COUDERC (carine.couderc@univ-amu.fr)

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